The Travellers Brand

Welcome to the MiTone Customer Service department. We have a Customer Service department in all the countries where we are active to ensure that any problems can be resolved quickly, efficiently and to you customers' satisfaction.

MiTone Repair

You can send the defect item to a customer service department near you, or drop it off at one of our airport shops if you're travelling. When you return an item for repair, please include the following information:

  • » A copy of the original receipt;
  • » Date of purchase;
  • » Name of airport where item was purchased;
  • » Description of article (brand, type);
  • » Description of defect/complaint;
  • » List of any accessories included;
  • » Customer's name and title;
  • » Home address and telephone number;
  • » E-mail address.

MiTone customer service

For information about our products or any queries or complaints related to our products please contact the customer service department at