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Welcome to MiTone

MiTone is something special. We develop and discover electronics especially for people like you. Our website offers an overview of all available products and of all shops where our products are available.

Welcome in the world of MiTone.

Colour Your Life

MiTone products brighten up your life. From headphones to travel speakers to iPad accessories, most MiTone products come in fashionable colours. Have a look at our product assortment and choose your favourite colour.

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Travel Stories

We kindly invite you to write your favourite travel story on MiTone's website. Share your story with other travellers. If we like your story, we will add it to one of MiTone's product packages. If your story is selected we will send you a wonderful travel Bluetooth Speaker as a reward (value € 79).

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No Wires No Hassle

This MiTone BlueTooth headphone is purely about comfort and high quality sound. It connects wireless to smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The leather ear-pads are very soft and comfortable.

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